Nigerian Christians : Where goest thou?  Heaven or Hell? 


Well,  …. 

  • they have the richest mega pastors in the world.  
  • Have churches almost every street and corner.  
  •  shout and fake more than the pharisees and saducces.. 
  • have a huge population… 

Yet…. The country is still very corrupt! Even getting like Soddom and Gomorrah. People blatantly committing sins like there’s an Award show for it! Lies, dishonesty, murderers, ritualists, fornicators, slanderers, greed, envy, jealousy, molesters, over-profits, dupes, thieves, etc etc 

 So, who are the corrupt, sinFULL people? ONLY non-Christians??? 
If I was a Pastor, i will be preaching the Gospel of Christ to the people claiming to be born agains….. NOT getting new converts!! As the mediocre, very fake ones will pollute the innocent new ones!! 
Heck!. I would preach to Pastors!!! Because most of them are leading their members to hell!! People now follow doctrines & man-made rituals… Not even the Bible!

And lazy arse Christians DON’T read their Bibles!!! ‘My Pastor said…’ has replaced ‘Word of God, Bible said’!! Hence, they swallow everything they hear at pulpits!! Gullible lot!! Mesmerized by smooth talkers! – ‘ Motivational Speakers’ bearing. ‘Pastor’ ‘bishop’ etc. Even wives that should remain. ‘Mrs: automatically become’ Pastors’ / a.k.a. Mommy in the Lord. 
Yes, some are truly worthy of being Mrs pastor. But i have seen some that have no spiritual gift or business in the church at all. Such a Mrs Pastor almost made me stop nearing churches years ago after she showed me that she’s really related to Jezebel! 

Ok, its Monday… Ama let it be! More blessings to humble men of God that serve God selflessly! Yes, there are still a few left! And i will support them!


‘LUXURY’ Fashion: Nigeria

Lady: “Estella, is XLenTê a Luxury store? I only shop at Luxury stores ” Me: “please define ‘Luxury Store’ per #MadeInNigeria garments and fashion products? ” La…

Source: ‘LUXURY’ Fashion: Nigeria

Arched Brows thingy….

I really want to write about the ‘Arched brows’….and how some ladies should NOT be carving up those arches because their FACIAL STRUCTURES ain’t built for them arches!!

But…..I Look around and most of the ladies I know and are friends with …CARVE their brows! Some too thick for their faces…some too arched to look anything close to ‘real’! ….‪#‎Sigh‬…[I have almost started talking about it!! lol].

let me stay OFF this topic! because I don’t wanna piss off some spending ladies I need waltzing into my Shoppe to drop their moolahs! hee hee hee.

Keep On ARCHING gurls!! Whether they fit you or not! ‪#‎WhatsMyOwn‬! …Just come get a dress or two that would add to your glam!

Dear Nigerian Hospital,

Dear Hospital,
Looking at my IV fluid, i have less than 2 more hours here. I told y’all i ain’t sleeping here. I DON’T do hospitals no more! I did enough of that in USA.


I’ve not seen no doctor since I returned to Africa. But…the pains were too much this time. Plus my cousin being a great nurse here gave me the assurance to trust you.

Your staff are amazing. Your process very organized. Tests done with updated equipment and timely.
Doctors discussing treatment plan with definite knowledge of their Rx.
Thank You! There’s hope for Nigeria!

Oh yes Lagos, I am READY FOR YOU and ANY LEMON YOU THROW MY WAY. I love lemonade anyway. Hee hee hee. #NoShaking

Of course I was scared in the morning! As Holy Cross Hospital in Silver spring is too far! Thus why I rushed to you 7:30am. Now, all my work plan for the day UNDONE! #Sigh

But… As I leave here in about 1+ hour’s time, I declare and Bless myself that my Jehovah Raapha will END this type of hospital visit in my life Amen!



Staying up late to catch up on work! I ain’t in Lagos & Africa to play!
#AintNobodyGotTimeFor time-wasting ill health!!

‘Dear’ Letter Series: Married Nigerian Woman

Dear Married Nigerian Woman,
Yes! YOU! Madam ‘Mrs’ Somebody.
* You post so many ‘happy family’ pictures on Facebook. Ok

* You even turn a 26minutes stop over at Mr Biggs with your husband into a 100-pictures bad marriageFacebook Album and Instagram jamboree!
* You post too many pictures in the ‘I love My husband’ Facebook Group.
* Your marital status says ‘ Married’ but his own is blank! Is he a ‘Marrchelor’ ?
* The ONLY time we see a real smile on his face in your pictures are when he’s with the kids! Why your hubby always frowning in pictures (with you), never showing body language that indicates {what you claiming}?‪#‎JustSaying‬….
marr* When your picture is the profile picture of your husband, Now…that is lovely! But dang! He got a sportscar or Chelsea soccer crest on it! You tag him in your ‘happy pictures’… but it don’t show on his wall. He never tags you in nothing.

C’mon babes…who is fooling who? Didn’t your Mama tell you marriage
Is not rosy 365 days a year? So, why you ‘forming’ like it’s forever and ever Wonderland in your home?

* People like you make single girls think [erroneously] that saying ‘I Do’ means la la land! images (2)Smiles and no possible stresses! Really? Even twins fight! How much more of two dissimilar adults come together under one roof!

*Fake unhappy miserable Mrs
MARRIED woman, please stop deceiving your single friends! !!

Teach them that marriage is like a contract that should be executed by the terms sworn in front of a priest, public or court!
And to know to stretch the love and happiness of the good times into the bad days! Teach Reality!
Stop pressurizing your single ftiends to hastily join in your hell! Guide and help them make the right decision of a life partner!

STOP giving marriage a bad name. There will always be good and bad times in it! Ermmm….we don’t wanna know your business. .but posting everything you do together is an overkill!

Believe me? That’s NEVER ever gonna perturb a ‘RunsGal’…that specializes in married men with money to part with!

‪#‎BeingFemaleInNigeria‬ tingz

The truly and really Happy couples DON’T POST TOO MANY FB PICS



‘Dear’ Letter Series : Nigerian Men

Dear Nigerian men,



\It’s like


As in,


No comment! BECAUSE in matters of relationships, dating and marriages. ..Nigerian men Fall hand! {drops the ball} {Ok, some) .before gender war starts!

Oh yeah, when I wear my beautiful Estella Couture Ethnic BRIDAL gown down the aisle, definitely in a sharp suit – The Groom won’t be a Nigerian or resident of Nigeria in past 20 years {militart era et al} as the psychology and attitude is erm .ermmm

*strolls off*

‘Dear’ letter Series: Nigerian Employee

Dear Nigerian EMPLOYEE!
Nigerian economy is bad alright, your pay is very poor (per GDP) (1)
your boss too sometimes think its a ‘labor camp’ not a paid employment.
Some unprofessional employers verbally abuse you. Some even hit/slap you!

They rarely follow the job description. .because WHY is an ‘Accountant’ going shopping for Female boss’s Soup ingredients at the market?
Why is Secretary changing her boss’ s baby diaper?
Why is your male employer asking you The Managing Director to go ‘pick up his mistress for a short time tingz’? {you’re still expected to respect him 110%!) Aha, whu does the male employer think having sex with pretty female is an ’employet’s bonus’!!????

Ok, so. going through all these employment ‘abuses’…download (2)BUT, Dear Salary Earner, you still got No right or reason to be RUDE TO THE CUSTOMER/CLIENT!!
‪#‎CustomerService101‬. Smile to the customer! They’re spending their hard-earned money that would pay your salary! Otherwise QUIT! No one put you on the job at gun point!

Or just smile through it, be the best cheerful, productive and efficient employee you can be. Despise not your days of humble beginning! Work like you are working to please God alone! Look up to God, knowing you gonna climb higher. the mean time, learn the BEST OF THAT JOB even under the ‘tyrant’ wink emoticon. For all you know. could come out, set up yours and do bettet! {with no labor abuses too, right? }

‘Dear’ Letter series: To My Ex

Dear My Ex,

While I am writing all these -Dear- letters, how can I forget you?


Where do I start from? ??


The reader scrolling down this post is expecting to know WHY you became an ex ..


You see, you

…beep beep beep


Phone battery dying…

All readers ‘gossipy senses’ on alert!! Lololol.

Sorry folks. I ain’t got any juicy gist for ya. Ok, except for one very bitter Ex,I got very good (EEB) Ex-Exit Behavior, we stay buddies. It didn’t work, it just didn’t. .moving on! No bad blood because I am a good girl with a beautiful soul. ‪#‎ModestlySaid‬.

Have a lovely Week folks. 🙂

Staying Strong and Winning in a New environment.

Life is about pursuing happiness, living well and most importantly. being a good neighbor to the people around you. #BlessedToBless

Though sometimes, life can throw a lemon at you, being human is also about surviving whatever curve ball life may aim your way.

What can I say? Simple. Keep the tears away! Let the only tears you cry be tears of JOY! Stand

STRONG! NEVER give up!

If NO ONE is cheering you on, be your own cheer leader.

IF people hurt you along your road to achievement, let it go! Just keep winning. Because SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE!


Estella Ogbonna
Estella Ogbonna in JeanKara Dress




Above all, BE HAPPY!


Shalom and Happy and AMAZING 2nd half of 2015!

Keep your Smile ON! 24/8!


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