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MENstruation, We The woMEN

: (Scenarios).
1. A woman woke up this morning crying that she saw her menses – because she was praying to Get Pregnant.

2. A woman woke up this morning crying that she was once again not seeing her period, because she could be pregnant, the man, a douchebag ! Her, still in high school. Pregnancy will change her life’s narrative.

3. A woman is crying again today because her MENstruation not showing up today means MENopause is kicking in! Oh Men!!!!

4. A woman is crying right now that her MENstruation did not show up and a tiny line on the strip test just confirmed she is pregnant, after 13 years of seeking for a child. The tears won’t stop! Now she ‘show’ her evil in-laws that she is not a barren woman!

5. A woman is crying that the strip test showed a line confirming pregnancy, but how could she keep the baby, when her uncle that takes care of her and her sick mom raped her last month!!? Her mother needs medical attention, does she tell? #Sigh

6. Dang! Me, a woman, I just woke up and wrote this post for MENSTRUATION because these cramps is gonna mess up my morning, let me just get my ibuprofen, Always sanitary pad and keep the day rolling! A woman.
WoMEN! We be losing blood since early teenage till another MENopause hits!

MEN are so lucky! They never get to bleed! They miss the PMS. They miss the blood. They miss the mood swings especially in teenage!

**** And some MEN actually would cut off their penises somewhere to become ‘A Woman’?
Oh well, they don’t anatomically get to enjoy the cramps of dysMENorrhea😠…or cramps….
They get the cool pretty looks side of being a woman. Not fair.

*** I wish MEN that do sex change can get MENstruation too. {Insert evil laugh here👹}

….and of course, I will add a very soaked picture of pad I got off the internet, what’s a story of MENstruation without a good old red pad?
Oh,….blame it on my Menstrual Mood. 😜😜

Lionheart: Nigerians envious Reactions

Yes, I use the word ‘envious’ as I don’t understand where and why the outrage is over a great movie by a young hard working lady – Genevieve Nnaji.

#Lionheart Movie on Netflix.

Nigerians venting that the story line was boring…HOW??
The movie depicted Real Life.
It showed Hausa and Igbo can do business.

It showed that the North and South can be connected via easy road transportation.

My early teenage years were spent in Kano, so, it was nostalgic for me sitting in my house here in U.S to see Kano looking very different from the way it was last time I was there when my family had to run away from the Muslim killings in 1990!

No one ever consider that logistics of running hundreds of buses, schedules, drivers, passengers, cargo, freight, luggage etc.

Ife sina chi, God is Good, EkeneDilichukwu, Peace Mass, Cross country Transport companies etc etc….this is their lives!! their REALITIES!

This is the story line! Not past, but present, even future!

How many Nigerians can afford flights now from East to North? It is simply Road Transportation. Millions and Millions of Nigerians will identify with this movie! Because they are the passengers, the drivers, shareholders, agberos, road users!

Rails and trains are dead! Road journeys is King!

To a white person or non Nigerian watching this movie, they would be Impressed and interested…BUT,,…. Trust Nigerians to NOt appreciate.
Non Nigerians are wondering why the internet is full of Nigerians castigating this movie!! Well produced movie at that!

What if Netflix decide NOT to give another Nigerian/African movie this opportunity???

I bet you, if a movie with babalawo, witchcratf or runs gals was presented, naija will clap.

Now a corporate , yet real life story is being bashed.

See that scene of the agbero and Genny at the park… more real can that be? It happens.
*:The drivers complaints in the conference room, …that is simple Business 101 lessons.
* The Bank Loan issues? … happens always.
* BRT/government contract biddings? Typical of Nigeria to DOA projects etc.

Why??? Nigerians…na who do una this thing? This Crab Mentality of trying to drag down good things???

Let the next Nigerian movie get on Netflix and raise the bar , is what y’all should be aspiring to!!

These are the days I want to tear my Nigerian passport!! Tufia

‘Lionheart’ Movie on Netflix. Nigerian film trending. .

I don’t know why you had to tag this person that is bashing the movie. I love the movie.
Fact is: Hausa Language is MORE internationally recognised than Igbo Language.

And Pete Edochie and Alh Maikano actually did speak Hausa in the movie, so, I’m guessing, their Subtitling Software assumed all langauge was Hausa (the popular one).

My post is a Joke. To mock Buhari a.k.a Jubril…NOT a bashing on ‘Lionheart’.

So, get over it.

This Movie should be Celebrated, NOT bashed as it has opened a huge door for other Nigerian/African movies to get into Netflix prime!

And the story line was NOT cliche! If nothing else, it showed a good social message…- unification of two Waring tribes (Hausa and Igbo).

Y’all need to stop with the hatred already.

At the end of the day…NO Story is new under the sun!!

That, was my response to a Facebook user who misconstrued my post and tagged my comment to his friend who went on and on bashing this movie.

And my response got him to comment again with:

and I responded with:

Cornells McEssien overly dramatic? I will ignore that and you, because 2019, 2020, 2031, 2091 is NOT even anytime I plan to involve myself in energy wasting things.

FYI, i am a Journalist, a Publisher, A writer! So, when I write, I write my MIND, I DON’T gun for awards!
I also appreciate the efforts it takes to make great creative works!

You are the one that to be chillaxin this early in the year by NOT talking crap, mocking and laughing at other people’s efforts!! Try to encourage even things you consider as baby steps!!

And Netflix didn’t think the movie was as bad as you and your friends are bashing it, or they wouldn’t have given it First Week’s Premiere!! And Netflix is sure bigger than you I am sure,right?

And…. I will end it there! I do NOT have any intention of responding to Facebook people and their negative bullcrap comments this year or ever. Freedom of speech is free and they can keep having a ball on that… but Karma is still a reliable Bitch! To get people back for All the negatives they throw out or do to others.

So, was I passionately unfairly Defending this movie? Why don’t you watch it and see. Make your own decision and conclusion.

Link to the very unnecessary Facebook banter is here.

Please don’t do what I just did in this new year. Ignore ignore ignore some comments….. Some people just gotta write…for the heck of writing… And at the end of the day, you may never meet them in person.


DON’T be shy…👋🙌 raise your hands up IF you were ALONE yesterday (Christmas day)..
Hey, DON’T cry, you are much more better than those that spent the day faking a smile with:
1. Someone they hate
2. Someone that doesn’t love ’em.
3. Someone USING them.
4. Someone they are stuck with because they are afraid of walking away into a possible unknown (albeit happier existence).
5. Someone that is only tolerating you.
6. Someone that is counting days to dumping you after the holidays are over.
7. Someone cheating on you right now.

8. Someone…..that brings out the worse in you! Very Toxic human.

9. Someone that abuses you physically and emotionally.

10. Someone you have absolutely NO business tying your beautiful destiny and future with!

So you see; You may have been better off ALONE, but I am betting my favorite shoes that you spent the whole day depressed and mourning, when you could have binged on your favorite TV show or a book or a movie or just visiting people at the hospital to cheer them up!


I was home alone too and was wishing for more hours to complete all the tasks on my TO DO list😉😘.
#StayFocused for 2019!

Church that takes NO Tithes & Offerings

I wrote this article first on my other blog ‘Estella In Africa’, link here:

Thought to share it here too because some things don’t just change.


PASTOR: From today, we shall no longer have collection of offering and tithes in our church. Our God expects us to

give to others and be blessed in the process.
We have 2 church buildings, a college, primary/secondary schools, fleets of cars. Our members worldwide are successful in businesses and careers. Our branches span countries round the world. I have my private jets, we are about to even open a Jet charter service. Our church and members are RICH in all meaning of that word! Yet, poverty abound around us. Even some of our members in branches located in smaller cities are unable to afford one square meal a day! Their children drop out of schools, their daughters dabble into wayward lifestyles to survive.

Therefore, from today, here are ways for you to give your tithes and offerings:

  • You pick from a pool of names that would be circulated every Sunday from the entrance as you come to church or pick a name/family during the week to BLESS. (You will provide needs they lack for that week. If the name you pick is from a far church branch, you will either transfer money into their bank account or arrange to send the ‘help’ to them. [Could be financial or material].
  • You can elect to donate to an orphanage near you. We are trusting you to be diligent about this, so no need to bring a receipt. But a picture session with the orphanage to encourage others would be good, or do like our Bible says,Matthew 6:4 (so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.).

God Bless you my brethren as you go out to be the true disciples of God in word and in deeds. Amen.

I was about to shout a loud AMEN too, when my phone rang and I woke up!!!! hisssssss




Blogging Here Since 2014 ;-)

It has been a minute since I posted here. …as I find myself posting more on my Facebook wall (EstellaIjeoma). I dunno why….I guess, I am addicted to facebook as the next person. Hah.

I shall try to bring some of my most annoying, irritating and though-provoking posts from facebook to here….

Heck, Today is Christmas Day and I am working on my websites, blogs, sketches and a couple of video editing and things on my ever dynamic To DO list that never goes down! (as I add things on it daily!).

Oh well, soon, for a bit, I shall have to just sit still and heal! Yup, I am going under the knife for an organ transplant!
Am I scared? Heck Yeah! BUT, I am not afraid! Same Difference, huh?


Oh well, I am a follower of Christ (No apologies)…so, I know HE GOT MA BACK!

Merry Christmas there as I return to work.




…. I have a sorta blind date later this evening I am still contemplating IF I should go or not, but dayuummmm…. he got the most amazing blue-grey eyes I’ve seen (from his picture)……
let me see how much of my Priority Tasks I finish before the date time draws near!



Nigerian Christians : Where goest thou?  Heaven or Hell? 


Well,  …. 

  • they have the richest mega pastors in the world.  
  • Have churches almost every street and corner.  
  •  shout and fake more than the pharisees and saducces.. 
  • have a huge population… 

Yet…. The country is still very corrupt! Even getting like Soddom and Gomorrah. People blatantly committing sins like there’s an Award show for it! Lies, dishonesty, murderers, ritualists, fornicators, slanderers, greed, envy, jealousy, molesters, over-profits, dupes, thieves, etc etc 

 So, who are the corrupt, sinFULL people? ONLY non-Christians??? 
If I was a Pastor, i will be preaching the Gospel of Christ to the people claiming to be born agains….. NOT getting new converts!! As the mediocre, very fake ones will pollute the innocent new ones!! 
Heck!. I would preach to Pastors!!! Because most of them are leading their members to hell!! People now follow doctrines & man-made rituals… Not even the Bible!

And lazy arse Christians DON’T read their Bibles!!! ‘My Pastor said…’ has replaced ‘Word of God, Bible said’!! Hence, they swallow everything they hear at pulpits!! Gullible lot!! Mesmerized by smooth talkers! – ‘ Motivational Speakers’ bearing. ‘Pastor’ ‘bishop’ etc. Even wives that should remain. ‘Mrs: automatically become’ Pastors’ / a.k.a. Mommy in the Lord. 
Yes, some are truly worthy of being Mrs pastor. But i have seen some that have no spiritual gift or business in the church at all. Such a Mrs Pastor almost made me stop nearing churches years ago after she showed me that she’s really related to Jezebel! 

Ok, its Monday… Ama let it be! More blessings to humble men of God that serve God selflessly! Yes, there are still a few left! And i will support them!

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